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Join us us for the DJs of CUE (create+unite+engage) as they bring you an eclectic musical experience of House, Rock Remixes, and Cumbia.

About CUE

CUE (Create Unite Engage), at its core, was created not only as a means of bringing people together to support San Diego arts and music, but to also emphasize the importance of giving back to both local communities and the world at large. Our goal is to deliver high quality events that spotlight both artistic talents and organizations that bring good to the world. The CUE residents, Deep Water Rise, Luis Triptych, and God Particle, have been collaborating both on and off the stage for the better part of five years. All three are founding members of Camp Triptych and have collectively performed and/or worked on projects contributing to the likes of Lucidity, Deep Aura, Lightening in a Bottle, YOUtopia, Desert Hearts, Tropical, Burning Man, and Electric Pancho.